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Strategic Risk Advisory and Compliance

In a rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever to be aware of the regulatory and corporate risk the organization is exposed to. Not only navigating current challenges, but also planning for future crises and being able to seize opportunities that arise from planning for what is to come.

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A changing world – ever greater demands on the business community

Technology, globalization, sustainable development, and geopolitical circumstances have led to an increase in laws and regulations that businesses must comply with. In addition, enterprises in all sectors face increasing demands from authorities, partners, consumers, investors, and other stakeholders related to reducing negative impact on people, society, and the environment.

We assist clients in managing what is critical here and now, while also advising on how to plan for crises and exploit the opportunities that lie in planning for what is to come. It's not just about complying with regulatory requirements – it is also about being socially accountable to itself, stakeholders, and the public.

Our approach to strategic risk advisory is driven by a proactive mindset that seeks to identify and manage potential risks before they arise. Regulation is not just limiting, it can also provide opportunities for businesses that make strategically smart moves early. We assist boards and top management in taking proactive steps to minimize uncertainty, protect assets, preserve reputation, and achieve sustainable long-term success.

A well-functioning business in a rapidly changing world

Our Approach

  • Assess and identify

    We assess the company's total risk exposure and look at how risk management is handled today. Which areas are most at risk? What advantages can arise as a result of a proactive approach?

  • Handle – here and now

    We assist in managing regulatory and strategic risk here and now. How can the business best comply with current regulations and meet expectations from authorities, customers, and partners?

  • Stay ahead

    We keep an eye on the future and help the business stay ahead. How do regulatory changes affect risk? How to prepare for a crisis? Are there potential opportunities that can be exploited to the company's advantage?

Tailored to the client's needs

In our approach to strategic risk advisory and compliance, we ensure that our clients receives advice tailored to the specific matter. We provide strategic risk advice in all relevant areas, and with Thommessen's breadth of expertise across the firm, we will always connect you with the right expertise.


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