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At Thommessen, we seek, together with our clients, to facilitate the development and adoption of sustainable and climate-friendly solutions. Our sustainability and climate risk resources are presented here to help you reach your goals. You are invited to visit our Sustainability Database, which provides an overview of applicable initiatives and regulations, as well as to take a closer look at our relevant products and services.

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Our responsibility

The UN sustainable development goals for 2030 define 17 areas relating to climate and the environment, as well as economic and social affairs, where there is still global scope for improvement. Reaching the sustainable development goals requires business to take an active role. As lawyers, knowledge is our key resource. It is through strategic advice and close cooperation with our clients that we can contribute most effectively to sustainable development.

If we are to reach the Paris Agreement goals and the UN sustainable development goals, we have no time to lose. An inadequate pace of development is not necessarily the result of insufficient commitment or understanding, and may well reflect regulatory impediments. The new EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan represents a shift from soft law to hard law. We are getting a regulatory framework with the potential to boost development and ensure that we reach the goals.

We are the ‘go-to’ strategic advisors for businesses, also when it comes to assessing risks and opportunities relating to climate change and other aspects of sustainable development. Our sustainability and climate risk practice group (established in 2018) includes partners, attorneys and associates from a broad range of disciplines. By integrating sustainability into our legal advice across all industries, we can help our clients add long-term value.

Climate change and other sustainability challenges affect all of society. All our clients are impacted, irrespective of industry category and business size. Sverre Tyrhaug
Managing Partner

Sustainability Database

The increased focus on sustainable development is accompanied by accelerating sustainability regulation. This includes both new statutory instruments and specific requirements launched by various industries, financial institutions and investors. Our Sustainability Database helps you navigate the multitude of regulations and industry initiatives. The database provides you with a helpful overview of what is relevant to your sector, and we also explain how this can affect your business. The service is available to our clients, potential clients and other partners.

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Transparency Compass

In the recent years there has been initiated work with several new laws and regulations intended to promote ESG and sustainability. In the area of social sustainability, the Norwegian Transparency Act, which entered into force 1 July 2022 is of great importance. In addition to larger enterprises that are resident in Norway and offer goods or services in or outside Norway, the Act also applies to certain larger foreign enterprises. Thommessen has developed a service where you can test whether your enterprise is subject to the Act. The test only takes a few minutes to complete.

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Products and services

We provide a broad range of ESG and sustainability products and services. If necessary, we collaborate with different advisory firm on some of these products in order to offer a complete, effective and efficient service.

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