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At Thommessen, we are curious about new solutions and new ways of doing business. By combining our knowledge and experience across the firm with new technology, we create innovative solutions aimed at making life easier and more productive for our clients. We invite you to familiarise yourself with our products and services below, and to learn about our innovation and product development initiatives.

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In ThommessenFlow you can find all our digital products and services. They are developed with a focus on simplification and added value for the client. Thommessen is certified with the most recognized standard for information security in the world (ISO 27001). This is confirmation that we take sensitive customer data and information security seriously in the development of new products and services. Our innovation and digitalisation initiatives are centred on four main categories: project management, knowledge sharing, document automation and client portal. Our products and services are presented below.

Trine Melsether og Trine Cecilie Woldsdal
Our digital commitment makes is easier to do business for us and our clients.

Trine Melsether

Chief Digital Officer

Project management tools

Strong project management is a hallmark of Thommessen, with both our clients and ourselves enjoying significant time savings and improved communication flows on projects that draw on our digital project management solutions. We use a leading interaction and collaboration tool for our projects, and have also developed proprietary project management tools, such as project plan, WBS and timelines.

Knowledge sharing

As a leading commercial law firm, knowledge is our most valuable asset. Digital knowledge sharing is often a matter of structuring data and applying legal design thinking. We strive to make legal issues clearer and easier to grasp, by systematically combining our lawyer’s knowledge and experience with technology and innovation.

Document Tools

The drafting of legal documents and the review of contracts may require considerable time and resources, and meet stringent quality standards and management of risk.

Our document tools will save you time, while reducing the risk of human error.

Client portal

Our client portal offers you as a client an individually tailored overview of your project portfolio. The portal is tailored to the needs of your organisation and can be made available to any contact persons designated by you. The client portal provides you with regularly updated financial information across all matters in your portfolio. Access to matter information can be controlled through access management, thereby ensuring that information is accessed by each user on a need-to-know basis.

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Trine Melsether

Trine Melsether

Chief Digital Officer

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Our approach

At Thommessen, we are curious about new solutions and new ways of doing business. By combining our knowledge and experience across the firm with new technology, we create innovative solutions for our clients.

We do new things - together

Our internal motto at Thommessen is "We do new things – together", and this is exactly what we do in our digitalisation and innovation effort. All our personnel are encouraged to develop and change how we do business. Needs will often be identified by lawyers in collaboration with clients, resulting in them making suggestions on how technology and new digital solutions can improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Our innovation department, staffed with project managers and developers, provides us with a short route from idea to product. We closely monitor Legal Tech developments, and proactively discuss new possibilities and solutions with clients. We also have an in-house IT department to ensure stable operations and industry-leading technical expertise. Teamwork and new forms of collaboration have helped us establish an innovation culture which we believe has put us on the path towards creating the law firm of the future.

Putting people first

Digitalisation of the legal industry is often associated with AI and automation of legal tasks, but digitalisation is for us quite simply about putting people first and using technology to solve problems. Our vision is to earn trust, and this also characterises our digital transformation approach.

The technical solutions as such do not necessarily have to be sophisticated or high-tech. It is often more a matter of innovative data volume structuring and content presentation. Whether meeting with clients or pleading cases in court, we always strive to make information more readily accessible and comprehensible, also when using new technology, says our Chief Digital Officer, Trine Melsether.

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