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Professional development

When you join Thommessen you work with Norway’s leading businesses alongside the top performers in the legal profession. We are where it happens, which is why you need more than legal expertise. Commercial law is not only a matter of laws and regulations, and it is crucial to see the bigger picture. This requires us to consider issues in context and develop an appreciation of the challenges facing our clients, whether commercial, societal, political or global. At Thommessen, we believe in learning, accomplishment and meaning. Because irrespective of how much the world changes, these will always be the key to understanding them.

Unique understanding requires unique collaboration. As the first major law firm in Norway, Thommessen provides project management training for all personnel – followed by a university college exam. This gives us an excellent basis for creating strong teams whose team members complement each other and work closely together with our clients. In addition, the Thommessen Academy provides a comprehensive and continuous competence building programme for all our personnel.

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Social life

In order to work well together we also need to enjoy each other’s company. We are therefore committed to creating a friendly social environment. We meet monthly for a Friday afternoon drink, and our summer parties and Christmas parties are long-standing traditions. Every third year we also invite everyone in the firm for an international trip. Both Oslo and Bergen offer a number of other social activities, such as weekly soccer training, jogging group, cycling group, etc., under the auspices of the firm’s sports club.

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At Thommessen we believe in learning, mastering and meaning. No matter how much the world changes that will always be the key to understanding it.

Gender balance and social diversity

Social diversity is a strategic priority for Thommessen, and we want to be an attractive workplace and employer for all, irrespective of gender, background, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. Our strategy includes specific targets for increasing the proportion of women among our senior attorneys and partners. In order to reach these targets, we have introduced a number of measures in relation to recruitment, management training, flexibility for staff with small children, etc.

We have, as part of this effort, established a designated Women’s Committee, which supports management in its efforts to improve our gender balance and increase retention of female lawyers. The Committee is also charged with facilitating female staff bonding by holding monthly lunches and other professional and social events. The Women’s Committee is appointed annually and comprises representatives from both Oslo and Bergen.

A key question is why more women than men drop out along the way. We are committed to retaining female talent at Thommessen. Alexandra Refsnes og Charlotte Høgnes
Members of the Women’s Committee in Oslo
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