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Trainee at Thommessen

Gain an insight into life as an associate, whilst getting to know us and our values.

A traineeship is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. Four immersive weeks at Thommessen will give you a hands-on impression of being part of our team, and we get to see you in action. Many of the associates, seniors and partners you will meet here entered the firm via the same route.

The trainee experience

As a Thommessen trainee, you will be assigned to a department and be involved in cases as if you were an associate. You will participate in preparations for, and attend, client meetings. Many of our trainees also gain direct litigation or arbitration exposure. This allows you to live the Team Thommessen experience. You form part of a closely integrated professional team, working alongside some of Norway’s top corporate lawyers.

A personal mentor will guide you and ensure that you are assigned a range of duties offering a varied learning experience. Your mentor will also bring you into our inner social circle. We want your Thommessen traineeship to be both professionally rewarding and fun!

Who can apply?

You are welcome to apply for a Thommessen traineeship if you have completed at least two years of your law studies. Although we value academic excellence, we are looking for rounded candidates who bring more than legal skills to the team. A high-performing corporate lawyer needs to be both inquisitive and enthusiastic, as well as to exhibit a keen interest in industry and society.

How to apply?

We accept applications all year round and interview candidates on an ongoing basis. We would encourage you to apply early – ideally 6-12 months before you would like to join us as a trainee.

Being a Thommessen trainee is an educational experience. You will partake in challenging projects from day one. Sverre Tyrhaug
Managing Partner
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Banking and finance trainee

As a banking and finance trainee you will have the chance to learn about life as an in-house lawyer and as an associate in two leading banking and finance environments.

Commercial law offers a broad spectrum of career opportunities. Are you curious about what it is like to work in banking and finance in a large commercial law firm and at the same time want to learn more about working as an in-house lawyer in the banking sector? As a banking and finance trainee you will get the best of both worlds: a five-week internship at Thommessen and a five-week internship at Nordea. Both internships will be undertaken in Oslo.

You will be a assigned a mentor at both Thommessen and Nordea who will follow you closely throughout your internship period. Your mentor will give you professional guidance and supervision on performing concrete tasks. Your mentor will also help you become a natural part of the social life.

At Nordea

At Nordea you be part of Group Legal. Group Legal provides legal advice to all the business areas in the Nordea group, and is the Nordic region's largest in-house division with over 200 talented lawyers. You will be assigned a variety of issues and cases in areas such as financing, following up customer cases, financial regulation, anti-money laundering and digitalisation. You will attend meetings between the lawyers in Group Legal and staff from other divisions in the bank (on the business side). Your mentor will be a dedicated, experienced lawyer from Group Legal in Norway.

At Thommessen

At Thommessen your mentor will be a partner from the working group for Banking and Finance. The partner will follow you closely throughout your stay and guide you in your work. You will take part in negotiations and client meetings, and will become familiar with legal issues in different areas. Your assigned tasks will be challenging and instructive, and will cover the full spectrum of the areas covered by a business lawyer in banking and finance, from financial regulation to loan financing and transactions.

Who can apply?

All law students who have begun their third year of study can apply.

How to apply

The application portal opens in the fall of 2020.

The Thommessen Academy

The Thommessen Academy is your opportunity to learn what they don’t teach you on campus: What it takes to be a first-rate commercial lawyer.

Each year, we select ten new students for close follow-up over two terms. Three two-day sessions mixing business and pleasure give you a unique insight into life as a commercial lawyer. You get to try your hand at negotiation and litigation, discuss exciting case studies with fellow participants and gain cutting-edge commercial law insights from our top lawyers. In additional to professional development, the Thommessen Academy is an opportunity to get to know Thommessen – our values, our approach and our team.

All Thommessen Academy participants are followed up closely by a personal mentor. You will also complete a traineeship and be offered a study space in our premises.

Who can apply?

The Thommessen Academy is open to students going into the 2nd term of their 3rd year or the 1st term of their 4th year. We welcome applications from all universities, and cover travel and accommodation expenses if you join us from Bergen or Tromsø.

The Thommessen Academy admissions process starts in springtime. Interviews will be conducted in May and June, and the programme itself commences in October. The application shall comprise CV, personal statement and academic transcripts.

Traineeutvalg i Oslo 2020