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Anders on working with employment law: - I like that the cases are about people

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As an employment law attorney, Anders Sundsdal works with employment contracts, terminations, and downsizing processes among other things. – Good processes are absolutely crucial. It's not just the outcome that's important, but also how you get there, Anders explains.

Anders assists both Norwegian and international clients with employment law issues. In addition to working with employment contracts, terminations, and downsizing processes, Anders also deals with dispute resolution and transactions. Common to these areas is that they are about people.

– There's a lot of psychology involved. As my job often involves individuals who are either starting or leaving a position, an important aspect is taking care of people, he says.

Everything can become a dispute

In the complex field of employment law, there's a significant risk of disputes, alongside numerous opportunities for companies to inadvertently make missteps.

– We observe an increased political focus on employment law, both in Norway and within the EU. This attention has led to a continuous influx of new regulations that businesses must navigate and comply with. At the same time, the reputational risks have escalated, as employment-related issues are now more frequently highlighted in the media than in the past, he notes.

– We consistently find ourselves busy, irrespective of the economic environment. During prosperous periods, our focus shifts more towards handling transactions and providing ongoing advisory services. Conversely, in challenging economic times, our workload intensifies with an increased emphasis on managing downsizings, layoffs, and dispute resolution, explains Anders.

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On January 1, 2024, Anders joins the partnership together with Henrik Møinichen and Nanette Arvesen.

Started in the renewables department

Anders studied at the University of Bergen and completed two traineeships at the firm’s Bergen office in 2010 and 2011. He was first offered a position in Bergen but opted for a move to Oslo.

– I needed a break from the constant rain, he says, smiling.

His career path then led him to the renewables department in Oslo.

– I initially focused on renewables, but then I explored employment law during a three-month internship in that department, just before my first paternity leave. When I returned, I found employment law intriguing and started to work across both renewables and employment law, before eventually specialising in the latter. These days, my work is exclusively in employment law, Anders explains.

– Unbeatable combination

When Anders joins the partnership on 1 January 2024, he will have completed all the steps from trainee to partner within the same law firm. Working on big cases for exciting clients is an unbeatable combination, he says:

– Right after my traineeship, I realised that I wanted to work at Thommessen. In a way, I have "grown up" in this firm, as this has been my only employer after my studies. I've never felt the need to try something else, Anders says.

He adds:

– I always look forward to going to work, and one of the main reasons is the incredibly good and friendly team in the department.

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