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Thommessen hires Hedvig Moe: Offers unique expertise in strategic risk advisory and compliance

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In a rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever to be aware of the regulatory and commercial risk to which the enterprise is exposed. With Hedvig Moe as part of the team, Thommessen can offer boards and top management unique expertise in strategic risk advisory and compliance.

Today's society demands more of business actors than before. Globalization, technological development, focus on sustainability and security policy matters have led to an increase in laws and regulations that businesses must comply with. Additionally, companies inn al sectors face increasing demands and expectations from authorities, partners, consumers, investors, employees, and other stakeholders.

- In addition to complying with current regulations, it will be crucial to make risk-based assessments of what rules, requirements, and expectations that will arise in the future, says Hedvig.

Provides advice to boards and top executives

Hedvig started in Thommessen at the end of May. She comes from the position as assistant head of the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST), where she has gained good knowledge about topics such as geopolitics, security policy, and foreign intelligence. Hedvig has also held several central positions in the National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime (Økokrim), where she has worked particularly with financial market crime. She knows Norwegian central and local administration well through various leadership roles.

- With her background, Hedvig has unique expertise that provides a very good basis for providing strategic risk advisory to boards and top management. In this work, we will assist clients in identifying, assessing and managing the overall risk that hits each business. We will help clients minimize uncertainty, protect values, preserve reputation and achieve long-term sustainable success, says Managing Partner Sverre Tyrhaug.

- We believe that we cover a need that the business community now has, by being an advisor for boards and top management who not only interprets the rules but also contributes to meeting future expectations and requirements. Above all, we are driven by a proactive mindset where we identify and manage potential risks for the individual client before they arise. Regulations and other frameworks are not only restrictive, they can also provide opportunities for businesses that manage to take strategically smart moves early, adds Hedvig.

Based on client needs

Thommessen provides strategic risk advisory and compliance in all key areas, such as security advice, sanctions, export control, economic crime, consumer and market law, human rights, and privacy.

In addition to heading Thommessen's group advising on strategic risk advisory and compliance, Hedvig will work particularly with cybersecurity, financial crime, crisis management and security advice.

- It is becoming increasingly important for companies to understand the implications the tense security political situation can have on their operations. Norwegian businesses interface with China is a particularly relevant topic, Hedvig believes.

Hedvig will work closely with lawyers in different areas of expertise depending on client needs. With Thommessen's leading expertise across the firm, we can always connect the right expertise with the individual case and the individual client.

You can read more about our work with strategic risk advisory and compliance and the various areas we work within, below:

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