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Solar power in Norway

Solar power is rapidly growing both nationally and internationally, and has the potential to make up a substantial part of Norway's energy mix. We have extensive experience in assisting renewable energy producers, coupled with practical experience in solar power development. Here, we have gathered some of our resources and insights on what is needed to successfully realize the potential for solar power in Norway.

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Immense potential for solar power

To achieve the Energy Commission’s ambitious goal of 40 TWh of new power production by 2030, solar power must play a central role. With a technical potential of 30 TWh for solar energy alone, combined with our expansive land area, Norway is well poised to significantly increase its solar power capacity. However, the removal of regulatory barriers and streamlining of the concession process are crucial steps to unlock this potential.

The Fastest Growing Energy Source

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) has indicated in its long-term power market analyses that solar power could account for a production of 7 TWh by 2040 – a substantial increase from today’s production of around 0.3 TWh per year. Globally, solar power is on the rise, a trend emphasized by the International Energy Agency (IEA) which considers solar energy as the fastest growing energy source. This is due in part to the rising demand for renewable energy and generally reduced production costs for solar cells.

First Ground mounted Solar Power Plant

In May 2022, the granting of a concession for the Furuseth solar power plant in Stor Elvdal municipality in Innlandet county marked a significant step towards expanding solar power in Norway. As the country's first land-based solar power plant, Furuseth solar power plant has been authorized to generate electricity equivalent to the consumption of over 300 households, with a total capacity of about 6.4 GWh.

Our Contribution

We engage in a range of issues central to realizing the solar power potential in Norway, assisting power companies, project developers, banks, and investors with everything from concessions and contract management to transactions and structuring. With the right support and investments, we believe that the potential for solar power in Norway can be fully realized, significantly contributing to the country’s renewable energy goals. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about how we work with solar energy and the opportunities in this market.

From key personnel at Scatec to Partner at Thommessen

Snorre Valdimarsson served as General Counsel and was part of the executive management at Scatec for 14 years, before joining Thommessen as a partner in 2023. Snorre has structured, developed, financed, built, operated, and sold over a hundred infrastructure projects across four continents – a unique experience we leverage in our work with solar power projects.

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Snorre Valdimarsson

Project development in solar power

With comprehensive experience in developing solar power projects both nationally and internationally, we possess deep knowledge of what is critical for a project’s success. To ensure smooth progress without unnecessary delays or additional costs, it is of great importance to operate with parallel processes both before and after the investment decision is taken. Here, you’ll gain an insight into our project model, from initial identification of opportunities to operational electricity production.

  • Broad expertise

    Our strength lies in leveraging expertise across the firm. We assemble tailor-made teams with specialized knowledge in regulatory, financial, tax, and operational aspects.

  • Right decisions from the start

    Experience has taught us that making the right decisions early on simplifies and expedites the project. Conversely, not starting early enough can lead to delays and escalating costs later on.

  • Parallel processes

    It's essential to work with parallel processes from day one to ensure that the project can be easily financed, realized, and later sold.

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The solar power licensing process

Solar power plant construction requires a licence under the Energy Act if the developer or the local grid company needs to establish a high-voltage plant (voltage in excess of 1 kV) in order to feed the power into the grid. A licence is also required if the plant owner wants to establish low-voltage cables to neighbouring buildings for power sales purposes. We summarize the different steps in the licensing process as it is today.

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