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Asset Management

Our asset management practice assists a broad range of clients, from global financial institutions, private equity funds, hedge funds and alternative investment funds to venture capital funds and seed capital funds. We create synergies across asset classes and asset managers – and contribute to best practice in the industry.

Developments in the world economy and the allocation of global capital between different asset classes are key drivers for the asset management industry. The industry is undergoing rapid change, driven by structural factors such as regulatory provisions and tax considerations, an investor focus on ethical and responsible investment (environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations), changes in fee structures and technological developments. In order for providers to attain their commercial objectives, it is of decisive importance to be updated on market conditions and trends, as well as to have in-depth industry knowledge and experience, thereby enabling them to structure their operations in an optimal manner.

We assist investment funds and asset managers in all asset classes, and help them attain their objectives. We assist with fund establishment and syndication, fund raising, investment management agreements, regulatory matters, structuring and tax. We took an active part in the Norwegian implementation of the AIFMD. Our clients are the largest Norwegian and international institutional investors investing in Norway, including sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and life insurance companies, as well as family offices.

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