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International approach


Professional and personal development - through international experience

A large and ever-expanding share of our activities are international in nature. We represent non-Norwegian businesses in Norway, as well as Norwegian businesses internationally.

Thommessen has a London office, supplemented by an extensive international network. Our team members have comprehensive international experience, and Thommessen’s lawyers have argued numerous cases before international courts and tribunals.

We are the Norwegian member of Lex Mundi; the world’s leading network of independent law firms. Membership provides valuable cross-border knowledge sharing, as well as direct access to leading law firms worldwide – for both us and our clients.

We are committed to your professional and personal development and believe that international experience will benefit you, Thommessen and our clients.

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Thommessen in London

Our London office has served as an important international market gateway for more than three decades. One of its key functions has been as a place of learning for associates.

Thommessen will at any given time have two to three associates stationed in London. One-year London placements are offered to one associate from our transactions department at a time. Besides, one to two associates from other departments will be on six-month placements. Close to forty associates have worked in the office since the placement scheme was introduced in 2010.

The London office is headed by Resident Partner Lars Eirik Gåseide Røsås. He believes that a London placement offers exposure to an aspect of legal practice not normally experienced by associates.

­- Compared to Oslo or Bergen, associates in London will get early experience with the process leading up to a specific instruction from a client, says Lars Eirik.

Whilst continuing to work on the matters one would like to be involved in from Oslo or Bergen, associates are encouraged to use their London placement to develop business relations and establish valuable contacts for the future.

- Be proactive and get in touch with those you would like to meet! Look into past instructions and whether you know anyone in London or have potential contacts there. Don’t be shy. A more forward-leaning approach than would be the norm in Oslo or Bergen is quite acceptable in London.

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Associates in London will get early experience with the process leading up to a specific instruction from a client. Lars Eirik Gåseide Røsås
Resident Partner, London
Lars eirik