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In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly integral part of daily life, it is essential to harness this technology responsibly and effectively. AI is revolutionizing the way we work, solve tasks, and conduct business. Used correctly, AI can address complex challenges, create value, and unveil unique opportunities. The key lies in understanding how to maximize the benefits of this technology while ensuring safe implementation. In our AI Hub, we have compiled our resources to assist you navigate the AI landscape.

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The path to safe implementation

Adopting AI tools will be vital to maintain competitiveness for many businesses. Unfortunately, implementation is often delayed due to uncertainties and unresolved issues. Our goal is to guide our clients towards a secure AI integration, combining technological insights with industry knowledge and legal expertise. Through a well-structured process, we support our clients in leveraging AI's potential while assisting them in navigating any potential risks that may arise.

AI has the potential to enhance efficiency and competitiveness.

Our approach

  • Understand

    Safe implementation starts with understanding the technology and the business' needs. We work with our clients to get this understanding, enabling them to make informed decisions.

  • Evaluate

    We assist in identifying and assessing potential risks, establishing necessary security measures, and drafting documentation to ensure the safe and responsible deployment of AI tools.

  • Implement

    We support AI implementation and help clients establish routines, communication protocols, and guidelines that ensure compliance within the organization.

  • Maintain

    Ongoing maintenance and regular updates of assessments and measures are essential in response to the rapidly evolving landscape of legislation, advancements in AI technology, and its diverse applications. We provide strategic, legal, and operational advice related to such maintenance.

Our assistance

We leverage expertise across Thommessen to assist clients in a wide range of industries with AI-related queries. Our lawyers are valuable allies in all phases of an AI project, assisting in everything from drafting overarching AI strategies to risk assessments and usage guidelines. Here are some areas where we specialize:

We keep you updated on AI

Thommessen has a leading legal expertise in AI, and through knowledge sharing, we aim to create professional confidence related to the use of AI in business. Register here (check the box for "technology and privacy") to receive AI news updates and be invited to our events.

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Try our AI Compass

Considering integrating AI into your business but unsure of the approach or what you should be aware of? We have developed a AI Compass to help identify potential challenges and risks. By spending a few minutes on our test, you will gain insights into considerations for AI implementation and navigation. The service is available to our clients, potential clients, and other collaborators.

Take the test here (in Norwegian only)
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