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Thommessen tops Norway and Nordics M&A legal advisory league tables for 1Q 2021

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Thommessen ranks as the number one Norwegian law firm by deal count in the first quarter of 2021, and also takes the second spot on Mergermarket's Nordic legal advisory chart by value.

The strong momentum in 2020 within Norwegian M&A and capital markets continued with full force through 1Q 2021, resulting in an unprecedented high level of deal making activity in Norway and the strongest first quarter in many years.

Thommessen's M&A team has been tremendously active in the first quarter, with 20 M&A transactions registered in Mergermarket's Norway league table, compared to 15 deals in 1Q 2020, with a total value of USD 3,970 million.

In 1Q 2021, Thommessen's advisory included, among others, high-profile deals such Softbank's investment in Autostore, several acquisitions by Kahoot!, the takeover offer for Høegh LNG Holdings and Ferd's acquisition of Norkart, to mention a few.


Source: Mergermarket Global & Regional M&A Report 1Q21

Thommessen also stands out in the Nordic legal advisory charts for 1Q 2021, and takes the second spot by value, only behind the Swedish law firm Vinge.


Source: Mergermarket Global & Regional M&A Report 1Q21

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