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Navigating Norway's evolving life science industry: Healthcare, pharma expenses and patent litigation


Exploring Norway's advancing life science sector, from healthcare policies to patent litigation, amidst global pharmaceutical trends and regulatory shifts.

Partners Camilla Vislie and Magnus Hauge Greaker, Senior Associate Martin Guldbrandt Hansen and Associate Tina Leikvoll Flaglien have written the Norwegian chapter regarding trends and developments in the Life Sciences & Pharma IP Litigation 2024 Guide.

In the chapter, they discuss the growing emphasis on developing Norway's life science industry. The Norwegian national healthcare system, renowned for its universal healthcare, plays a significant role in pharmaceutical sales. Furthermore, they discuss the government's efforts to control pharmaceutical expenses, which includes expanding the practice of generic substitution to include biosimilars and considering the implementation of a tendering system for reimbursed pharmaceuticals.

In addition to reviewing the latest practice within pharmaceutical patent litigation in Norway, they also highlight the trends in life science patent litigation, such as the increasing use of grounds for invalidity beyond novelty and inventive step.

Lastly, they address the potential impact of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) on Norwegian businesses and the options available for patent holders who prefer to maintain the existing situation and resolve patent disputes through national courts.

Read the full chapter here.

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