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Life Sciences and Health Tech

Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the life sciences and health industry, and are staying continuously abreast of national and international trends and developments that may affect operating conditions. This enables us to always provide tailored advice suited for a continuously changing market.

The life sciences and health industry is an innovation-driven industry where players are facing a broad range of challenges. The industry is characterised by large investments in research and development, by the decisive importance of patent protection and by all business operations being subject to comprehensive public law regulations.

At Thommessen, we assemble teams that supplement each other, thereby enabling us to provide clients in the industry with expert assistance in all relevant fields. We have extensive expertise and experience in, for example, patent law, medicinal product legislation, competition law, public procurement, personal data, M&A and company law.

Our lawyers assist a number of international and Norwegian businesses operating in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical equipment, as well as businesses wanting to invest in life science operations. We also assist pharmacies.

Our service offering includes, for example, the following:

  • Enforcement and defence of intellectual property rights (for example patents and supplementary protection certificates (SPC))
  • Licence agreements; research and development agreements
  • Market access for medicinal products
  • Marketing of medicinal products
  • Health enterprises’ procurement of medicinal products
  • Attending to the interests and rights of the industry vis-à-vis government bodies
  • Regulatory issues relating to medicinal products, medical equipment, cosmetics and foodstuffs
  • Clinical trials/studies
  • Norwegian and international competition law
  • Product liability
  • Personal data

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