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HitecVision and TrønderEnergi establish a joint Nordic renewable company


Team Thommessen is proud to have assisted HitecVision in connection with the establishment of the new jointly owned renewable company.

- It is rewarding to contribute to such ground breaking co-operation between a classic publicly owned power company and private industrial capital, says Bendik Christoffersen who has led Team Thommessen's work for HitecVision.

The new jointly owned company will be owned 50 percent by each of HitecVision and TrønderEnergi and will have as objective to arrange for growth within renewable energy and new energy technology. The transaction entails that TrønderEnergi separates out ownership and business within wind power, energy management and energy services, property, as well as a minority ownership interest in TrønderEnergi's hydropower business, while HitecVision will contribute new growth capital equal to the value of the businesses transferred from TrønderEnergi.

Through the transaction, TrønderEnergi secures access to necessary capital for further growth, while HitecVision gains a significant position in the production of renewable energy, electrification and energy efficiency. In the initial phase, the company will have an investment capacity of NOK 15-20 billion.

In addition to Bendik Christoffersen, Morten Coward Lindstad, Henrik Fabian Torgrimsby, Julie Basedow Ameln and Marte Fossan Tingstad have been key in the team from Thommessen.

To read more about the transaction, please see links below to the announcements from the companies:

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