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Maritime and Offshore Emergency Response

Thommessen has a team of highly qualified and experienced experts available 24/7 to attend to maritime and offshore casualties. The team assists insurers, owners, charterers and managers in response to a wide range of incidents, including collisions, groundings, fires and pollution incidents.

Relevant experience

  • Dubai Harmony: Fire in engine room
  • KNM Helge Ingstad c/w Sola TS: Collision
  • Eide Wrestler: Drifting barge, evacuation of oilfield installations
  • Prosper c/w Edda Fjord: Collision
  • Songa Dee c/w Far Grimshader: Striking
  • CLS Trimnes: Grounding
  • Navion Britannia: Oil spill
  • Federal Kivalina: Grounding
  • Eide Traveler: Drifting barge, evacuation of oilfield installations
  • Sunny Jewel: Explosion, wreck removal
  • Rocknes: Grounding, capsizing
  • Hual Europe: Grounding, fire, oil pollution, wreck removal
  • Coop Venture: Grounding

The team is ready to respond urgently and can be on site at short notice. We benefit from an extensive network of local lawyers and technical consultants outside Norway.

Our experienced team handles a broad range of services related to maritime and offshore casualties:

  • Shipboard investigation (obtaining statements and collecting evidence)
  • Advice on forum selection, limitation of liability, general average, claims etc.
  • Advice on guarantees and other forms of security, including arrest etc.
  • Negotiating and drafting salvage and wreck removal contracts
  • Communication with local authorities
  • Appointment of and communication with technical experts

In the event of an emergency, please contact us at our Emergency number +47 916 16 888 or make contact with any of our listed contact persons or your regular contact at Thommessen.

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