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Fintech brings together digital technology and financial services and products and will continue to fuel open innovation, collaboration and investments in the financial sector for years to come. Whether you are an established financial institution looking to benefit from new financial technology and business models, or a provider of technology looking to change banking and finance, we know the challenges and opportunities you face.

The finance sector is still going through a digital transformation and new technology is constantly changing the way financial services are provided and how consumers and financial institutions interact with one another.

While tech start-ups across the globe continue to create new technology and digital platforms disrupting the traditional way of delivering financial services, the banks, insurance companies and other providers of financial services must decide whether to invest in new technology or embrace the disruptive forces through collaboration and open innovation.

At the same time, the global tech giants are increasingly becoming part of the financial services value chain.

Together they contribute to innovation and changes of the industry, whether it is through digital payment solutions, big data analytics, AI, blockchain, digital currencies, robotics, crowd funding or new cloud based digital platforms.

Regardless of size and market share, all players in the fintech eco system have to navigate a jungle of increasingly complex financial regulatory requirements and data protection laws.

In addition, digitalization creates new opportunities and challenges with respect to protection of IP, exploitation of data, security and procurement models.

Thommessen has a dedicated fintech team who assist clients from all parts of the fintech space, from established banks and large technology companies, to fintech start-ups and investors.

The team combines leading specialists within areas such as technology and IP, financial regulations and data protection.

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to more efficiently provide the strategic legal solutions and value adding advise each client needs to keep up with the constantly evolving technology while navigating the regulatory jungle.

We have been involved in the most significant events and transactions in the fintech space the last years, and continuously assist a wide range of clients – from exciting fintech start-ups to large financial institutions.

We have for years been advising these clients on a broad range of legal matters, such as:

  • Technology contracts and procurement
  • Financial regulation
  • Corporate law
  • Data Protection and cybersecurity
  • Intellectual property
  • Joint ventures and cooperation agreements
  • E-commerce and marketing
  • Tax and VAT
Thommessen has expert capabilities in financial regulatory matters. The firm is also held in high regard for M&A, data protection and cybersecurity mandates. It advises established banks, technology start-ups and investors. Review
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