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Crisis Management

When a crisis occurs, it is crucial that it is handled both swiftly and well. No crisis are the same, and we understand that your challenges require a comprehensive and customized approach. In our crisis management work, we combine legal expertise with an understanding of crisis, strategic communication, and efficient engagement with authorities, all under one roof.

In today’s globalized and digitized society, both small and large companies face a wide range of potential crisis. These are driven by factors such as geopolitical conditions, climate considerations, national security interests, and the continuous development of regulations at both national and international levels. Moreover, managing reputational risk has evolved into a complex and unpredictable challenge as public perception is no longer shaped solely by traditional media outlets.

We believe that an essential part of successful crisis management starts with the right preparations. Therefore, it is vital that a company’s board and management undertake a strategic approach to risk management and crisis preparedness. Thommessen assists legal departments, boards, and top management in identifying, understanding, and taking ownership of the company’s risk profile. This preparation better equips the organization to anticipate, prevent, and handle potential crisis efficiently. If a crisis does occur, we help the company deal with the immediate situation while also ensuring that decisions made under pressure do not compromise long-term success.

Thommessen has solid experience and expert knowledge in crisis management. We provide rapid and effective assistance with a range of services, such as risk exposure assessment, implementation of preventive or damage-limiting measures, and management of the situation at both strategic and operational levels. Across the firm, we have a deep understanding of various industries, regulations and public authorities. We also have experience from different government agencies. Combined with knowledge of our clients, we can offer targeted advice and the support needed to navigate safely through any crisis.


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