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Professional project management

At Thommessen we use professional project management and innovative collaboration to address client needs.

As the first major law firm in Norway, Thommessen provides project management training for all personnel. We have since 2014 integrated professional project management into our working practices, and have thereby set the bar for best project management practice in our industry.

For our clients this means predictability in terms of costs, what we will deliver and when we will deliver it. Transparency is ensured throughout by regular status updates. Tailored processes and standardised project documents enable us to work efficiently and effectively, while at the same time achieving better outcomes. Delivering for our clients is not only about attaining an objective, but about doing so in the best possible way.

For us at Thommessen this means assembling strong teams that deliver on client priorities. Everyone on the team has a clear understanding of their own role and what is expected from them, while maintaining a firm grasp of the bigger picture. The Thommessen project model makes the working day more motivating and more predictable for our team members.

They are very good at putting together their teams, and at giving the younger associates responsibilities and making them visible. Klient
The Legal 500, 2021