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Cyber assurance with Thommessen CyberHub

Businesses in all sectors are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals. Together with experts from the international cybersecurity and cyber assurance community, we have created Thommessen CyberHub – a professional forum where we have invited renowned cyber experts to participate. Together with our partners, we aim to help our clients understanding the legal implications of cyber threats and to better prepare for and respond to cyber incidents.


Different times require different solutions

The digitalization of businesses increases cyber risk throughout society and cyber threats are one of the main risk factors for business worldwide. Cyber-related preparedness and responsiveness is no longer just a technical issue – it is a major legal, commercial, and organizational responsibility for management and boards of directors across all industries. Regulatory requirements and cyber threats continue to change and technical and legal expertise is needed to manage those changes. Cybers assurance and cyber response capabilities must be considered a permanent area of investment.

For any business, a cyber incident is not a matter of “if” but of “when”

This is CyberHub

Thommessen's CyberHub is a forum for international experts within threat intelligence, forensics, insurance, cyber assurance and incident response. CyberHub is designed to give Thommessen clients access to high-end expertise and enables us to be at the forefront of the developments in the cyber risk landscape. We offer our clients the opportunity to take part in the CyberHub through a subscription, giving access to market intelligence, legal developments and insights that traditionally have been ‘secrets of the trade’. We can also facilitate access to services provided by our CyberHub partners.

The CyberHub is the result of our lawyers having spent years working side-by-side with international cyber risk experts, ex-government cyber specialists and cyber intelligence analysts to learn how cyber criminals operate and choose their targets, how their strategies change and to analyse the legal and commercial consequences of actual cyber incidents.

- Our aim with Thommessen CyberHub and our cyber assurance initiative is to enable our clients to better understand the threats and to reduce cyber risks through preparation and assurance, and to know where expertise is available when cyber incidents occur, says Christopher Clausen, Partner and head of CyberHub.

Christopher Sparre-Enger Clausen

CyberHub partners


Can and Koryak are co-founders of PRODAFT, a Switzerland-based cyber security and intelligence company at the forefront of fighting international e-crime groups in close collaboration with international law enforcement.

Can won the title of "Grand Champion" in the US Department of Defence cybercrime forensic competition in 2011, against 1147 teams from 52 countries, and was recently elected as one of the “Digital Shapers” of Switzerland. Koryak is a recognized cyber-crime researcher who is working within several international frameworks for cross-industry exchange of threat intelligence.


Jeremy Samide is the CEO of US cyber threat intelligence and advisory company Blackwired. He has over 20 years of experience working with sensitive operations and incident response for all levels of government, Fortune 500 companies, law firms, and family offices in the US and globally. He serves as a Michael Dukakis Fellow at the Boston Global Forum, working on peace and security initiatives within global cyber warfare.


Irene is the CDO of DNK and manages DNK’s insure-tech subsidiary Osprey Solutions which delivers digital solutions to the global marine insurance industry. She has extensive experience in professional and financial services development, and is leading DNK’s maritime cyber insurance innovation program.

Christopher is the head of digital assurance for Osprey Solutions. He has spent over 20 years in international Military Intelligence and private sector security and intelligence operations, including the 2012 Olympics in London, and is currently leading several cross-sector cyber intelligence-sharing initiatives.

Together with our partners, we aim to help our clients understanding the legal implications of cyber threats and to better prepare for and respond to cyber incidents.

Our cyber assurance services

We offer a range of services intended to improve our clients' ability to manage legal implications and respond to cyber threats. The programme consists of three main components:

  • Tailor-made workshops: Understanding legal exposure and organizational vulnerabilities are crucial to an organisation's ability to reduce risks and increase response capabilities. Together with our CyberHub partners we offer workshops for management and legal functions to increase awareness and better understand the highly complex and rapidly evolving threat landscape and the organisation's legal exposures associated with cyber-attacks.
  • Review of insurance policies: Case law is emerging whereby the insurer and the insured dispute to what extent certain attacks are covered by the insurance. Insurance policies should be reviewed to ensure an adequate coverage.
  • Review of contractual terms and regulatory requirements: It is essential for organisations to be aware of their contractual risk exposures in the event of a cyber-attack. Such awareness should include any proactive obligations, compliance with third party security requirements, and reactive obligations such as notification obligations. In particular, reactive obligations are crucial to take into consideration when implementing incident response plans and similar internal documents.
  • Incident response plan: An incident response plan should include guidance on how to respond to serious cyber incidents. In addition to help drafting an organisation's incident response plan, our team can also provide advice on how legal risks and obligations should be addressed in existing incident response programmes – and to ensure that the client's legal team is involved in the response activities at the right time.
  • Expert response support: Our experienced team is ready to help our clients when a critical incident happens. Through the CyberHub, we can also provide access to experienced technical incident response experts.
  • Threat intelligence: CyberHub subscribers will get access to threat intelligence that can be tailored to each organisation as well as information about the legal implications and developments.

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