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Thommessen is partnering up with Oslo Business Forum

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Thommessen is revitalising the annual M&A event Context through a new collaboration agreement with Oslo Business Forum. – We want to bring bright minds from business and academia together for an event where we take a bird’s eye view and discuss developments that will shape business strategy in the years to come. This year, the geopolitical situation will be an integral part of the discussions, explains Managing Partner Sverre Tyrhaug.

Oslo Business Forum (OBF) was founded by the entrepreneurs Marius Røed Wang and Christoffer Omberg in 2016, with a goal of inspiring business leaders and giving them tools and ideas that enhance their leadership qualities. Since hosting their first business conference six years ago, Oslo Business Forum has grown into one of the world’s leading business conferences. Past keynote speakers include names such as Barack Obama, Sir Alex Ferguson, Randi Zuckerberg, David Cameron and Gary Vaynerchuk.

The OBF team aims to build the world’s preeminent business conference by 2025.

- In order to reach this goal, we need to work with the best. Thommessen is innovative, has tremendous expertise and makes major positive contributions to Norwegian business through their targeted efforts, explains Christoffer Omberg, CEO and co-founder of Oslo Business Forum.

Working together, OBF and Thommessen will influence how business is done in future. We find that enormously motivating. Christoffer Omberg
CEO/Co-founder, Oslo Business Forum

Sverre Tyrhaug, Managing Partner of Thommessen, is excited about this new collaboration.

- OBF is a young and successful organisation that has within a short space of time built a reputation for hosting Norway’s best business conferences. This makes them a great match for us, says Sverre.

The hybrid event Context

We are in a period of geopolitical tensions, and at the same time businesses are being transformed at a high pace. Global megatrends such as geopolitical change, climate change and disruptive technologies are rapidly changing all industries. Based on what we currently know, how can business be positioned for growth and profitability in 2022 and beyond? This is our theme when Thommessen and OBF invite you to Context on 5 May.

- This year, the geopolitical situation will be an integral part of the discussions. With Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we are witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe affecting millions of people. At this year's Context, Ulf Sverdrup, director of the Norwegian Institute of Foreign Affairs, will tell us more about the crisis and how global power relations affect business. We want to highlight various perspectives, and will also be addressing environment/sustainability, industrial policy, venture capital, decentralized finance, as well as mainstream business. As we have also been able to sign up Nassim Nicholas Taleb as a keynote speaker, one of the world's foremost experts on uncertainty, this is going to be great, adds Sverre.

Christoffer agrees.

- Context is going to be an inspirational hybrid event with skilled speakers and a great opportunity to network with other C-level executives. We will combine the best of two worlds; the magic created when bringing many brilliant people together in one room, and the digital format that enables a lot more people to join in, explains Christoffer.

Further details on the agenda, speakers and registration to come.