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This information page forms part of the Thommessen Privacy Notice. It informs you of how we use cookies and advertising pixels on our website. Please see our Privacy Notice for further details on how we protect visitor data.


When you visit the Thommessen website, some cookies will be stored on your unit to generate website traffic statistics. We use Google Analytics and AdWords, and collect the following information:

  • IP address, browser and operating system
  • Visitor location
  • Time of visit
  • Which pages are visited by the registered IP address and the duration of the visit
  • From where, or to which pages, the traffic originates
  • Demographic information such as age, gender and interests
  • What was clicked on during the visit and any files that were downloaded
  • Use of the buttons passing users on to social media

The information collected by Google Analytics is stored on Google servers in the US, and is subject to the Google privacy policy. Google may transmit collected statistics to third parties if required by law, or if third parties are processing information on behalf of Google.

We use cookies for a number of reasons. The main purposes are to ensure functionality and create a positive user experience when you visit our website. In addition, we use cookies to analyse your use of our website and our services. We share the collected information from Google Analytics with Siteimprove to optimise our website. Some of these purposes necessitate the retention and processing of information that may be classified as personal data.

Our retention and processing of your personal data in relation to cookies is justified by our legitimate interests in safeguarding the abovementioned purposes. You may at any time opt out of our processing of your personal data by changing your browser settings. Please note that choosing to limit cookie use may affect your user experience on our website. Further details on how you manage cookie use in your browser are available on Nettvett.

Advertising pixels

In addition to cookies, we also use advertising pixels, which are analytics tools used for tailoring the effect of marketing in specific channels.

We use the Facebook advertising pixel to advertise to persons who have visited our website. This enables us to tailor our marketing to visitor characteristics and needs.