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Lise Grønningen Otterlei Office Manager Bergen

Lise is responsible for the accounting department in Bergen, and is also one of two employees with responsibility for all legal alignment and related money laundering control.
  1. Office Manager, Bergen, Thommessen

  2. Accounting Consultant, Bergen, Thommessen

  3. Legal secretary, Bergen, Thommessen

  4. Accountant, Bergen, Thommessen

  5. Office Manager, Mantracon AS

  6. Controller, Hampidjan HiTec Ropes AS

  7. Legal secretary, Advokat Helge Tveit AS

  8. Consultant Vocational training, Osterøy Utvikling

  9. Sales, Krisko

  10. Backoffice, Domstein AS

  11. Executive officer, Fisher Controls

  1. Exam in Essential Project Management (5 ECTS)
    Skema Business School

  2. Various courses in accounting

  3. NKI Accounting

  4. Marketing
    Bergen Marketing School

  5. Commerce and office
    Anton Johannessen