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Thommessen’s response to the coronavirus disease outbreak


Dear clients and business partners,

Thommessen has spent the last few weeks preparing for a challenging situation. Our priorities are to look after all Thommessen personnel and to ramp up our effort, capacity and availability for the benefit of all our clients and business partners.

Thommessen has implemented a whole host of measures in response to the evolving coronavirus disease outbreak. We have done this to look after all Thommessen personnel, to maintain our capacity to serve our clients and, not least, to contribute to the global effort to combat the outbreak.

  • From 13 March 2020, everyone at Thommessen will work from home. We have the necessary technical infrastructure in place. We have also established digital collaboration tools and procedures to handle this efficiently and effectively, thereby enabling us to properly look after all of our personnel and maintaining our overall capacity.
  • We have split all of our practice groups and support functions into two separate teams, which will not be in physical proximity with each other, whether during or outside office hours. We are intensifying telephonic/digital contact with our clients to improve our understanding of the situation and to be on the ready with whatever assistance our clients may need right now.
  • We are suspending all business travel for Thommessen personnel.
  • We use digital communication channels in meetings with each other and clients. We only hold physical meetings if strictly necessary.
  • Thommessen is cancelling all of our own seminars and events for clients, students and own personnel until further notice. All participation in external events and seminars is also suspended.
  • All personnel who have been travelling outside the Nordic region will have to stay at home for 14 days after their return, even if they are symptom-free. If they display any symptoms of cold, the isolation period will be extended until at least 7 days after they are symptom-free. Personnel with close family members who have visited highly affected areas or who have been placed under quarantine will also have to stay at home for 14 days, or until the situation has been satisfactorily clarified for the person in question.

These are unpredictable times for us all, and the situation changes from day to day. We will stay up and running, and are committed to being there for our employees and clients during this challenging period.

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