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A sneak preview of Thommessen’s new Oslo premises

2571 Thommessen R26 01 Resepsjon 03

Thommessen is relocating to VIA – Oslo’s new signature building – at the end of August. We will there continue to create the law firm of the future, in premises specifically designed to encourage teamwork, knowledge transfer and innovation. We look forward to inviting you in!

Anyone who has been to Oslo CBD in the last year will no doubt have noticed the large building being erected at the site of the former House of Oslo shopping centre in Vika. This building is called VIA and will house some of Norway’s leading banking, finance, legal advice, property and consultancy providers. Thommessen is going to be the main tenant and will at the end of August be moving into the top four floors of the building – three of them with roof terraces with fabulous 360-degree views.

- These are quite simply going to be the best office premises in Oslo! We are really excited about the move, especially after a year of having worked mostly from home, says Managing Partner Sverre Tyrhaug.

Thommessen has been a key player in the development of Norwegian business and commerce ever since its inception in 1856. Backed by a long history and a strong reputation, we are looking squarely to the future. By relocating to VIA, TeamThommessen is seeking to set the benchmark for the law offices of the future. We will create even stronger relations between us and our clients.

- VIA means much more to us than just a change of address. These premises are specifically designed to encourage teamwork, knowledge transfer and innovation – which we believe are key to creating the law firm of the future, explains Sverre.

20190208 R26 Bilde av VIA Saturated 45

VIA will be comprised of two buildings with a floor space totalling about 62,500 m2 and a public square. Thommessen’s new premises will be located in the top floors of the northern building, where you can spot stepped roof terraces. Illustration: Schmidt Hammer Lassen (DK)

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Dynamic and flexible workplace

The relocation process started back in 2017, when 30 TeamThommessen members from a broad range of job categories contributed to defining the vision, scope and object of the relocation project. The group’s information gathering included visits to other businesses to seek inspiration. This was none to explore better ways of working together, as well as how these may be facilitated by the office premises. It became clear at an early stage of the process that we wanted to move away from traditional office cubicles and have activity-based premises, while at the same time facilitating focused individual work.

In addition to everyone having an office space of their own, the work areas on levels 10, 11 and 12 will feature 87 meeting rooms/discussion rooms/quiet rooms.

- We will create a dynamic and flexible workplace at VIA. When you are in the office, you choose your zone and workspace based on what you want to get done and who you are going to work with. The objective is to increase interdisciplinary collaboration and reduce the need for internal meetings and e-mails. In addition, many of us will continue to work from home for part of the week. We will combine our great new habits from the last year with the pleasure of meeting up again at the office, enthuses Sverre.

2571 Thommessen R26 13 åpent kontorlandskap 05

Thommessen’s new activity-based office is specifically designed to encourage teamwork, knowledge transfer and innovation. Illustration: Rift

Inviting clients inside

VIA is designed by renowned Danish architectural firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen, with the ambition of becoming one of the city’s most attractive office buildings. The interior concept for Thommessen’s premises is designed by Radius Design. Radius Design is highly regarded for interior concept achievements such as the VIPPS office premises, Genki, Ling Ling Hakkasan and Grand Café.

- The architecture and interiors of the building enable us to showcase the ThommessenCulture and will bring us closer to our clients. A flight of stairs will lead down from the level 13 meeting hub to our open level 12 courtyard. We will invite clients down here to gain an insight into our working environment and to feel the ThommessenPulse. The courtyard features a coffee bar to be operated by =Kaffe, a large multi-purpose room where we will hold breakfast seminars and other events, three meeting rooms that can be used for client workshops, as well as direct access to a large roof terrace, explains Sverre.

We look forward to inviting both clients and students to visit us in VIA this autumn! Our visiting address will from the end of August be Ruseløkkveien 38, 0251 Oslo.

Sustainable project

The building is to be certified as BREEAM-NOR Excellent and energy efficiency class A, and will be a key element of Thommessen’s effort to reduce its own climate footprint. VIA shall serve as a showcase project for energy efficiency and sustainable solutions in the choice of materials, technology and design, with features such as rooftop solar arrays.

  • Want to read more about the VIA facilities? You will find further details on the VIA website. You may also want to visit the website of VIA Village – Vika’s new food court!

Image gallery: A sneak preview of Thommessen’s premises

2571 Thommessen R26 01 Resepsjon 03

Welcome to the level 13 meeting hub. Illustration: Rift

2571 Thommessen R26 03 Møterom 03

Clients and other visitors will enjoy fabulous views of the Oslo Fjord from the meeting hub. Illustration: Rift

2571 Thommessen R26 08 Liten resepsjon mot bibliotek 02

The internal Thommessen reception and library will be encountered upon arrival at level 12. Illustration: Rift


From the internal reception, the ThommessenCourtyard will be accessed by bypassing the internal stairway. Illustration: Rift

2571 Thommessen R26 07 Bar spisebord 02

=Kaffe will be operating the ThommessenCourtyard coffee bar. We look forward to enjoying the very finest freshly brewed coffee! Illustration: Rift

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