Thommessen receives a total of 10 first place listings, 4 second place listings and 10 third place listings in the 2017 survey. In addition to receiving the largest amount of top listings, Thommessen also receives the highest overall score.

Hans Cappelen Arnesen, Gunnar Martinsen and Siri Teigum are once again named as Norway's top lawyers within their respective fields of law: offerings and acquisitions, energy and climate, and competition law.

Siri Teigum and Gunnar Martinsen have held on to their top rankings for 17 and 8 years respectively.

Several of our lawyers are also described as "Up and coming", among them Kristoffer Hegdahl, Ellen Teresa Heyerdahl, Andreas Meidell, Jacob F Bull, Eivind Sæveraas, Finn Backer-Grøndahl, Ståle R Kristiansen, Camilla Vislie, Bendik Christoffersen, Jens Naas-Bibow and Henrik Hagberg.

Moreover, Anders Arnkværn and Hans Haugstad are ranked in the category "the competitors' most sought after".

This is the 18th survey conducted by Finansavisen. A total of 45 Norwegian law firms casted their votes in 2017.