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Thommessen contributes with chapter in Chambers Litigation Second Edition


Chambers Litigation 2019 Second Edition covers every step of litigation and ADR.

Thommessen's Dispute Resolution practice group have written the Norwegian chapter in Chambers Litigation 2019. Partners Andreas Meidell, Eirik W. Raanes, Henning Harborg and Kristine Hyldmo Bjørnvik have written the Trends & Development section. Partner Stig Berge and Associates Bettina Thaulow Harto, Kristina Heggem and Anders Røyneberg have written the Law and Practice section.

- Dispute resolution in Norway differs on important points from other jurisdictions, including relatively rapid case execution and emphasis on oral hearings, says Kristine Hyldmo Bjørnvik.

Reproduced with permission from Chambers & Partners. Read the full Norwegian chapter at Chambers & Partners website.

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