This was an international competition and other nominees in the category were major global companies like Dentons, BLP and CMS. Thommessen also achieved a second place in the "Best Strategic Leadership" category. This was the first time a Norwegian company was nominated  for these awards.

The panel consisted of independent industry specialists from academia (London Business School - LBS and Cranfield University) and consulting companies (McKinsey & Company, Møller PSF Group, etc.), with Harvard Business Review and Financial Times as knowledge partners.

The judges summarised the basis for awarding the Thommessen prize as follows:—

The  judges were impressed with the implementation of this strategy that began in 2015 and has delivered sustainable change. Implementation centred on a small number of mission-critical initiatives and on individual engagement, so that everyone understood and could effectively contribute to the company's four strategic goals. This people-centred approach has achieved high levels of personal commitment across the business, enthusiasm for the new initiatives and organisational change. As a result, revenue, customer satisfaction and market share have all increased. 

MPF brings together professional firm leaders to share ideas on strategic leadership and management excellence. Its goal is to support the growth, productivity and prosperity of the UK’s largest business sector. This involves connecting and creating value in its own community, and also acting as the independent voice of professional services to Government, and providing direct access to policymakers.

We are a small player compared to the other nominated firms, but see that the challenges are quite similar to professional service providers, regardless of size, industry and geography. This is a great acknowledgment for the work of the board of directors, the management team, partners and  all Thommessen employees who have decided that the strategy plan should not only be fine words, but be used to influence the way we work together and deliver our services to the benefit of the team and our clients, Sverre Tyrhaug, Managing Partner in Thommessen.