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Thommessen has written the Norwegian chapter in The Legal 500: Litigation Guide

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The aim of the guide is to provide an overview of the law and practice of litigation and dispute resolution across a variety of jurisdictions.

Partner Henning Harborg, Partner Audun Stornes, Partner Trond Hatland and Associate Hedda Rysst have written the Norwegian chapter of the guide. The chapter addresses topics such as the methods of resolving disputes under Norwegian law, details of the dispute resolution process/proceedings, the courts and their jurisdiction, legal costs, the right of appeals, as well as insight and opinion on the litigation process and any upcoming legal changes planned.

Head of the Thommessen Dispute Resolution Team, Partner Kristine Hyldmo Bjørnvik states:

"We hope that the Norwegian chapter will respond to frequently asked questions raised by both non-Norwegian and Norwegian entities involved in dispute resolution under Norwegian law or considering to agree dispute resolution in Norway under contracts to be entered into. Our team will be happy to provide further input as required, but the guide certainly provides for a good starting point for understanding some key principles."

Read the full Norwegian chapter here.

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