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Thommessen has assisted Kahoot! in acquiring WeWantToKnow (Dragonbox) og Poio

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Thommessen has assisted the game-based learning platform Kahoot! in two important M&A transactions during May.

Kahoot! announced in early May its acquisition of all the shares in WeWantToKnow AS for USD 18 million, equivalent NOK 157 million. Nordic-based WeWantToKnow AS is the company behind the award-winning DragonBox series of educational math apps.

Less than a week later Kahoot! buys Poio AS for USD 6.5 million, equivalent NOK 57 million. Poio AS has developed a game-based learning-to-read app helping children crack the reading code through play. Founded in 2016, Poio has helped more than 100,000 children to learn to read.

Thommessen has assisted Kahoot! in both transactions. The consideration will be settled by a combination of cash and Kahoot! shares, and the transactions are expected to be completed in June 2019.

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