Thommessen has assisted the French-owned energy company ENGIE in the sale of 80% of the shares in Tonstad wind farm to the infrastructure fund SUSI Partners, a Swiss investment fund specialising in renewable energy infrastructure.

The transaction was performed on the 29th of June, 2018. All the delivery and contract agreements for the construction of the wind farm have also been entered into. The development of the wind farm is funded by the German Landesbank Baden-Württemberg.

Norsk Hydro's wholly-owned subsidiary Hydro Energy is buying 100% of the park's electricity production of approximately 0.7 TWh per annum for the first 25 years after commissioning and will be handling balancing and nominations during the term of the contract. The contract will help to supply Hydro’s aluminium works in Norway.

Jens Naas-Bibow and Jacob F Bull headed the team that assisted in this case.

Tonstad wind farm will be situated on the eastern side of Lake Sirdal in Sirdal and Flekkefjord in Southern Norway. The wind farm has been planned with an installed capacity of 208 MW and an annual estimated production of approximately 0.7 TWh and is planned to be connected to the existing power grid via a new 132 kV power line up to Ertsmyra transformer station at Tonstad.

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