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Thommessen contributes with chapter in Dominance 2021

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Dominance 2021, published by Lexology Getting The Deal Through (GTDT), addresses the most relevant questions on dominance and market power.

Partners Siri Teigum, Eivind J. Vesterkjær and Heidi Jorkjend have written the Norwegian chapter in the seventeenth edition of Dominance. The chapter covers the Norwegian legal framework, sector-specific dominance rules, definition of abuse of dominance and types of conduct, enforcement proceedings, and more.

– Abuse of a dominant market position continues to be a key priority for competition authorities across the world. Players with market power in all industries need to be aware of the potential risks associated with various business practices, including the risk that completely new categories of alleged abuse can be identified by the regulators, says Heidi Jorkjend.

– Similarly, smaller players need to understand when they are the victims of possibly abusive behaviour, comments Eivind Vesterkjær.

– Thommessen has unrivalled experience with abuse cases in a variety of sectors and industries and shall be pleased to assist existing and new clients with such cases, adds practice head Siri Teigum.

Read the Norwegian chapter about dominance and market power on Lexology GTDT's platform..

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