The case concerns compensation claims from Nordic Power Torsnes AS against Statnett SF for loss of production at Torsnes hydro power plant. The application for construction of Torsnes hydro power plant was granted by NVE on 18 December 2018. The hydro power plant was completed in September 2013, but production was limited until June 2015 due to lack of capacity at Statnett SF's transformer station in Eidesfossen.

Nordic Power Torsnes AS filed a writ of summons on 3 October 2016. Nordic Power Torsnes AS stated that Statnett SF is responsible for lost production as a result of breach of the agreement entered into between the parties to ensure necessary grid connection. It was further stated that Statnett is liable due to breach of the statutory duty to connect power plants pursuant to the Norwegian Energy Act and due to negligence.

The Oslo district Court's judgement was delivered on 15 December 2017. It decided that Statnett SF is liable for breach of contractual obligations to secure necessary grid connection for Torsnes hydro power plant. Because the court found that Statnett SF had a contractual liability, it was not necessary for the court to decide whether Statnett SF also was liable due to breach of the statutory duty to connect the plant or due to negligence.

Thommessen's partner Jens Naas-Bibow and associate Morten Coward Lindstad represented Nordic Power Torsnes AS in this case.

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