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Glitre Energi and Agder Energi merge new digital focus areas

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Thommessen has had the pleasure of assisting Glitre Energi AS in its establishment of a new joint venture company together with Agder Energi AS, named OSS Norge AS.

The main purpose of merging Agder Energi's "Flyt"-concept with Glitre Energi's "OSS-concept, is to deliver digital services with new technology to the end-electricity customers, and thereby to meet future possibilities and needs in the electricity market.

Glitre Energi and Agder Energi will by entering into this partnership complement each other within the digital electricity services area, and OSS Norge will be a solid, innovative company, focusing on digital and technological electricity solutions only.

Glitre Energi's "OSS"-concept has the same focus-area as as Agder Energi's "Flyt"-concept, including to collect and obtain accessibility real-time data from the new AMS-meters and develop new services to the electricity market based on the obtained data. OSS has through a self-developed "OSS-chip" made it possible for the customer to get an overview and insight of its own real-time consumption.

Agder Energi has through its "Flyt"-concept developed a digital electricity supplier, focusing on simplicity and the customer's insight in real-time data made on the customer's premises.

Please see link to Glitre Energi's press release on its home page for further information.

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