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Listing of Hafnia Limited on the Oslo Stock Exchange


Thommessen has acted as legal counsel for Hafnia Limited in connection with the company's listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Hafnia is one of the world's leading oil product tanker owners and operators. The company operates a fleet of 174 vessels with a total carrying capacity of 6.1 million dwt, and has further capacity currently on order.

Thommessen has acted as Hafnia's legal counsel through a series of transactions leading up to the company's listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange, including the January 2019 merger between BW Tankers and Hafnia Tankers which formed today's Hafnia. Following the merger, the Company maintained a listing on the N-OTC. In November 2019, Hafnia and a group of selling shareholders successfully completed a private placement with an aggregate value of USD 200 million (of which USD 75 million were gross proceeds to the company). The private placement facilitated the company's listing on Oslo Axess on 8 November 2019.

Hafnia was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange on 30 April 2020 following a transfer of listing from Oslo Axess to the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Hafnia's majority shareholder is BW Group, which is a maritime group involved in the transport of oil and gas, floating gas infrastructure, environmental technology and production of oil and gas. BW Group is also a major shareholder in the Oslo-listed companies BW Offshore, BW Energy, BW LPG and Epic Gas, as well as the NYSE-listed DHT Holdings.

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