Leveraging ayfie’s pioneering knowledge discovery product ayfie Locator, which is tailored to the legal sector, we will be able to increase efficiency and collaboration across the firm.

ayfie Locator for knowledge discovery will pull Thommessen’s internal data into a Universal Index™, normalize and structure it, and turn it into an expertise knowledge base for our lawyers. The unique combination of linguistics, machine learning and smart search will ensure that Thommessen’s lawyers get the information they need – and even hidden connections between related documents – anytime, anywhere and across our local and international teams. The solution enables rapid document access across multiple systems, file servers and databases, and will extract immediate insight from unstructured data in emails, PDFs and even scanned documents. All documents will be automatically classified by topic, case, document type and practice group.

Strategically important

- This partnership is strategically important to us adding yet another valuable initiative to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our service delivery. We are always looking for new ways to provide our customers with high quality and expedient legal advice. ayfie Locator for knowledge discovery will speed up our processes and give our lawyers a better overview to focus on what really matters to our clients. In addition, the implementation of artificial intelligence enables innovative ideas and new business models for Thommessen, says Sverre Tyrhaug, Managing Partner at Thommessen.