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Thommessen knows the needs of the trade and service sector well and offers cost-effective assistance tailored to our clients' practical and commercial needs.

Thommessen has long-term experience in assisting Norwegian and international trade and service sector actors with, among other things, supplier agreements, dealer agreements, franchise agreements, trademark law, marketing law, complaints, warranty cases, labour law, tax law and other ongoing operational matters.

Thommessen is a full-service business law firm, which means we can offer our clients high-quality assistance in all areas of business law. We assist with contract negotiations, contract formation, interpretation and follow-up of contracts and agreements, and terminations and reorganisation of dealer networks. We provide advice on the management of intellectual property rights, marketing law, handling of complaints and disputes, and all types of operational matters. Our assistance also includes regulatory requirements and assessments of product safety and product recalls.

In addition to our skilled staff, broad legal experience and industry knowledge, we have a particular competitive advantage in our comprehensive in-house developed database of contract and document templates in most relevant areas. The database has been built up over many years and is updated and refined by highly experienced lawyers. The contract templates provide a very good starting point for tailoring contracts and other documents for the relevant situations based on carefully thought-out and previously tested documents.

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