At Thommessen, legal skills are not our only asset; we wish to understand our clients, their business challenges and their goals. Our advice is based on broad insight into the factors that affect our clients’ interests and aspirations.  

Working for us will give you insight into legal issues, industries and businesses. We are committed to working in broad teams, and you will be encouraged to challenge your colleagues and share your knowledge.

Every employee will have the opportunity to realise his or her talent through cooperation with trusted and enthusiastic colleagues who listen to suggestions, share knowledge and deliver the solutions our clients need.  

All of our employees are among the best in their field. But it is not only important to develop as a professional, it is just as important to develop as a human being. We are interested in learning, mastery and meaning. Nurturing the commitment and talent of each individual is the key to Thommessen’s success - today and in the future.