This will familiarise students with everyday work as an in-house lawyer in some of Norway’s foremost legal environments. The internship in each company lasts for five weeks.

During this period, you will have:

  • your own mentor at Statoil and at Thommessen
  • The chance to learn from knowledgeable staff at Statoil’s and Thommessen’s offices.
  • The possibility of a placement at Statoil’s offices in Oslo, Stavanger or Bergen and at Thommessen’s offices in Oslo or Bergen.


If you have completed at least three years of your studies, you can apply for admission to the programme by bringing your CV and application form to one of our stands at Careers Day (Arbeidslivsdagen/ALD). At the ALDs in Tromsø and Bergen, Statoil and Thommessen both interview candidates the same day. In Oslo, we arrange interviews after the ALD.  

We hope to see you among the applicants!